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All-day Long Range Unattended True Color Alerts Camera


All-day Long Range Unattended True Color Alerts Camera

The all-weather mid-range unattended security camera adopts domestic design and can continuously and clearly output true color 1080P high frame rate images under low light conditions (0.001Lux). Real-time long-distance observation is possible. When an intrusion occurs, through AI recognition, it will automatically take photos and record videos. The network can support the automatic push of intrusion pictures and video information, which is suitable for all-weather medium and long-distance early warning needs. It supports multi-functional network digitization, low power consumption and low data requirements, and is suitable for 24-hour unattended or intelligent control of key points such as airports, railways, ports, waterways, borders, coastlines, and highway checkpoints.

Application: 24-hour long-distance unattended, border airport railway, oil pipeline

Intelligent monitoring of key points such as control towers, wildlife protection, port channels, road intersections, etc.


    Item NHC8050C/NHC8135C/NHC2290C Resolution 1920x1080
    Minimum illumination 0.0006lx/0.0001lx/0.005lx@25Hz Frame Rate 25fps
    Duty Distance 1000 m /2500 m /6000 m Frame Rate Setting Manual/ Automatic
    Unattended Distance 120 m/320 m/780 m Alert Support Automatic Forensics,Automatic Return (4g Version)
    Al Support Human Body Recognition Warning Mode Cross-border Warning, Regional Invasion Alert
    Storage Format MP4/JPG Storage 32G(Default)-256G
    Communication Protocol ONVIF/RTSP/RTMP Working Voltage 12V士3V
    Size ɸ102mm*212mm Power Consumption ≤2w
    Waterproof IP66 Weight 400g-1000g
    Working Temperature -40°C-70°C Storage Temperature -50°C-85°C


    The "All-day Long Range Unattended True Color Alerts Camera" boasts 24/7 monitoring capabilities, ensuring continuous surveillance. With its long-range coverage, it captures true color images over extensive distances, making it suitable for monitoring large areas. Additionally, the unattended alert system automatically notifies personnel of any predefined unusual activities, facilitating quick responses and bolstering overall security measures.