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Digital low-light

In 2013, Jemmeo officially entered the low-light field, opening a new chapter in night vision technology. We have assembled a team of industry experts and senior R&D personnel dedicated to the exploration and application of low-light imaging technology. Through continuous technological innovation and product optimization, we have quickly established a good reputation in the market.

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In 2018, the company successfully entered the ultra-low light field and achieved a technological breakthrough in black and white viewing angles. This important development not only greatly improves the performance of night vision equipment, but also provides users with a clearer and more stable night vision experience. 

Our products are widely used in public safety, military defense, outdoor adventure and other fields.

Digitalhigh-definition low-light field

  • In 2021, Jemmeo once again led the industry change and successfully entered the digital high-definition low-light field, breaking through the technical barriers of true color viewing angles. This innovative technological achievement has raised the image quality of night vision equipment to a whole new level, bringing users a more realistic and delicate night vision experience. Our products have not only achieved remarkable results in the domestic market, but are also sold overseas, winning recognition and praise from international customers.

  • Technological Enhancement

    ● Photon Collection Lens Enhancement
    ● Photoelectric Conversion CIS Enhancement
    ●  Image Processing Visual Enhancement

  • Digital Multifunction

    ● Video Recording 

    ● AI Recognition 
    ● Visual Optimization