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Multifunctional Helmet Mount Binocular Night Vision Goggles


Multifunctional Helmet Mount Binocular Night Vision Goggles

The true-color monocular helmet night vision device developed by our company adopts domestic high-performance chips and domestic design, and can output high-definition real-time true-color images under low-light conditions of 0.00lLux. It can be used as a night vision training device for ultra-wide field of view true color observation, equipment operation and command operations of the surrounding environment and targets at night or in environments with poor visibility. It can achieve 1920*1080 high resolution at night, long distance, low power consumption, IP65 waterproof, and adapt to more extreme environments. Night vision devices can be worn or hand-held, and are also suitable for night patrols, rescues, covert reconnaissance, map viewing, etc., with a wide range of applications.


    Item NHS56B11C/NHS56B11B Resolution 1024x768
    Minimum illumination Color0.0008lx B/W0.00008Ix Frame Rate 50fps/25fps
    Storage Format Mp4/JPG Storage 32G(Default)-128G
    Working Hours 6hours Room 3X
    Power 18650x1 Weight 285g(Battery included)
    Interface WiFi Waterproof IP66
    Working Temperature -40°C-55C Storage Temperature -50°C-70°C

    Application: :Night Operations, Training, Key Ground inspection,Emergency Rescue


    The Multifunctional Helmet Mount Binocular Night Vision Goggles stand as the ideal companion for tasks in low-light environments. With a dedicated helmet mount design, they offer a convenient and versatile wearing solution suitable for various mission scenarios. The binocular night vision functionality ensures clear and high-resolution vision in the dark, enhancing overall observation capabilities for improved mission accuracy. The inclusion of multifunctional operation controls allows users to tailor settings to their needs, providing a personalized and adaptable user experience. Choose these goggles for outstanding visual performance and user convenience in your missions.