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Underwater Low-light Camera


Underwater Low-light Camera

Explore the mysteries of the deep sea and uncover the hidden truth—all with Jemmeo digital low-light underwater equipment. With sophisticated optical technology, we provide you with a clear and stable underwater visual experience. Whether in the deep sea, lakes or rivers, digital low-light underwater equipment can help you. No additional light source is required, and the working conditions are simple. Together with Jemmeo, start your underwater exploration journey and make the world a better place.


    Item NHW8025C/B NHW8012B Resolution 1920x1080
    Minimum illumination 0.00005IX Waterproof >500m
    Video Color True Color/ Black And White Frame Rate 25fps
    Gain Automatic Dynamic Range 120dB(WDR on]
    Communication Protocol ONVIF/RTSP Storage 32G(Acquiesce/Default)-256G
    Data Interface Ethernet Watertight Interface Working Voltage 12V士3V
    Weight ≤8.1Kg Power Consumption ≤2 W
    Working Temperature -40°C-70°C Storage Temperature -50°C-85°C
    Underwater Low-light Camera03b8o


    Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities with our Underwater Low-light Camera. The outstanding low-light imaging capabilities ensure that you never miss a moment, even in the darkest underwater environments. Its submersible design adds a layer of durability, allowing you to explore underwater realms confidently and capture breathtaking visuals.
    With adaptive focus technology, the camera dynamically adjusts to changing underwater conditions, delivering sharp and clear imagery. Elevate your underwater exploration and surveillance with the reliability and advanced features of our Underwater Low-light Camera. Dive in and witness the beauty of the underwater world like never before.