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USB Night Vision Modules


USB Night Vision Modules

Explore new dimensions of night vision with our USB night vision module. Designed for versatility and performance, these modules redefine low-light imaging capabilities. Let’s delve into their key features and explore the advantages they bring to your night vision experience.

Support personalized customization (customize product performance, system language, startup screen, your brand)


    Model Video Color Resolution Frame Rate(fps)   Minimum Illumination (lx)   Sensor HDR( dB) Data Interface Consumption(w) Module(mm)
    NHM5602U-20C True Color 1280x1024 25/30 0.003/F1.0 1/1.8 inch 120 USB2.0 ≤1.25 20*20*30
    NHM5602U-20B Black And White 1280x1024 25/30 0.001/F1.2 1/1.8 inch 120 USB2.0 ≤1.37 20*20*30
    NHM5658U-20C Black And White 1920*1080 25/30 0.008/F1.2 1/1.2 inch 120 USB2.0 ≤1.55 20*20*30
    NHM5602B-3812 Black And White 1280x1024 50 0.001/F1.0 1/1.8 inch 120 USB2.0 ≤1.55 38*25*12
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    Unleash the power of night vision with our USB Night Vision Modules. The plug-and-play USB connectivity ensures a user-friendly experience, transforming compatible devices into night vision tools seamlessly. Experience high-resolution imaging that brings clarity to your nighttime activities, whether it's for security monitoring or exploring the wonders of the night. The compact and portable design adds versatility, turning any location into a potential night vision zone. Elevate your nocturnal adventures and surveillance with the convenience and advanced features of our USB Night Vision Modules.