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24 hoursLong Distance Train Early Warning Camera


24 hoursLong Distance Train Early Warning Camera

Introducing the 24-Hour Long-distance Train Warning Camera – a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize long-distance train route monitoring and safety. This advanced camera system offers unparalleled capabilities, ensuring continuous monitoring and early threat detection for enhanced security.

Here are the main features:

● Continue to be vigilant

● State-of-the-art night vision capabilities

● Real-time threat detection

● Extended range monitoring

● Can identify special color traffic lights (red light, yellow light, green light)

This is a reliable and advanced solution that ensures continued protection and peace of mind for all your long-distance operations.


    Item NHC7XCR/NHC5XCR/NHC8XCR Resolution 1920x1080
    Video Color True Color Frame Rate 25fps
    Minimum illumination 0.003lx/0.0008lx@25Hz Dynamic Range 72db-120db(Adjustable)
    Storage Format Mp4/JPG Storage 32G(Acquiesce/Default)-128G
    Communication Protocol ONVIF PTPV2 Support Duplex Mode Service Voltage 12V士3V
    Interface M16/SONYE Power Consumption ≤2w
    Warning Distance 200 m / 400 m /1000 m Size & Weight Specification
    Working Temperature -40°C-70°C 85°CLast10 Minutes Storage Temperature -50°C-85°C
    Application:Medium Distance Rail Transit Early Warning
    24hoursLong Distance Train Early Warning Camera1chb

    Long Range Monitoring

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    With advanced technology and real-time monitoring capabilities, the camera is instrumental in early threat detection. It can identify suspicious activities, unauthorized access, or potential security breaches, allowing for immediate response and preventive measures.